Once again we have been inspired by sport and the social potential it has, in this case it has been thanks to Common Goal, a social movement that offers the opportunity to actors in the world of football to donate 1% of their salary to social causes. They started two years ago and now have more than 130 players around the world.

In Share & Play we have been talking about this topic since the appearance of Common Goal and since then we have been looking for the moment to take the leap and replicate the movement in the world of handball. We are many, I’m sure many have a social commitment and now we give them the opportunity to participate in a social cause, funding an educational program that will earmark their contributions in education and health of children. We support and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations in 2015.

We run the programme in schools and help children to be more active in sport, to have a greater interest in education by learning in a fun way and to understand and respect other cultures.

Share & Play is moving forward and from now on will also be reinforced by the members of this movement. To these players and actors of the world of handball in general who accompany us in our mission we will be eternally grateful for their social commitment. And for us they will be our Committed. The Committed Ones.