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How diversity will help you on your journey… whatever it is

One of my great joys is to start working with a group and realize that it is composed of young people of different nationalities. Long live diversity! Cultural differences should be an opportunity to evolve and progress in many ways. Being able to broaden our knowledge means accepting other points of view, understanding them and […]

Our Little Voice

What have we done today to help others? We find ourselves in turbulent times where we see how society seems to break down at times. We see what is happening around us and we are saddened to see people suffer, it happens to all of us, or at least that is what I hope. We […]

The Committed Ones Starts

The day we had yesterday was historic. To see how athletes show their most social side, donating part of their salary to a charitable cause is fantastic, but if they are also athletes in your same sport discipline, handball, it is more than wonderful. At Share & Play we have been working with children for […]

The Committed Ones

Once again we have been inspired by sport and the social potential it has, in this case it has been thanks to Common Goal, a social movement that offers the opportunity to actors in the world of football to donate 1% of their salary to social causes. They started two years ago and now have […]