Founder & CEO

Carlos is a former handball player who has been playing for 19 years for the best  clubs in Europe, having the opportunity to share team with the best players in the world. He was playing in the Spanish National Team for several years as well.

Always willing to learn and to understand the social relationships, he use to participate in leadership and sport conferences as well as working as a sport consultant. He is a member of the EHF Scientific Specialist Network.

Graduated as a Sport Teacher for the UCLM and also graduated in Sport Sciences Degree in the UCJC. He holds other sport, health and bussines certificates.

After all this years traveling and playing around the world he was able to learn from different cultures and personalities. Now he decided to change the sport perception, improving the social community and taking advantage of the sport values to fill the gaps he found during his sport career.

He is on a mission: To encourage kids to be more healthy and physically active and  to build better qualified sportsmen.

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