We are proud to announce that Uwe Gensheimer is joining Share and Play as our Male Ambassador.

Uwe comes from Germany, he was born in Mannheim and he was playing for the Rhein Neckar Löwen from 2003 to 2016. He was the captain of the team and the symbol of the city, leading the club to win the first German Bundesliga Championship and the first EHF Europa Cup in the history of the club.

Uwe, considered 3 times the MVP in the German Bundesliga and Top Scorer in the 2016/17 Champions League is currently playing for Paris Saint Germain, where he´s living his first experience in a foreign club.

He studied Economics and keeps holding experiences everyday, getting ready for the next chapters in his life.

With a strong commitment with sport and social issues, today he joins us with one purpose: helping us inspiring kids to be more active and to learn through sport values.

Wellcome Uwe!  Herzlich willkommen!



We are excited to announce that Alexandra Nascimento is joining Share & Play as our Female Ambassador.

Alexandra comes from Brasil, she grew up in a favela and she went through multiple difficulties in her childhood, including losing her dad at the age of 12. On an early age, she split her time between helping her mother and practicing. After trying some other sports she fell in love with handball, where she found a way to express herself.
Alexandra believes in idols, they don´t need to be great heroes but people who touch your heart by showing you what  you  are capable of. She was lucky to have some of these people around.

She has an strong commitment with the social issues. By becoming the Share & Play Female Ambassador she will inspire young generations and contibute to our pursuit of empowering kids via activities a through the sport values in their schools.
I almost forgot it, she is one of the best female handball players in the world and she was named by the IHF as the ¨Best Female Handball Player in the World¨ in 2012. But that´s less relevant because we didn´t elected her for that, but for her courage, her commitment and for being an example of sacrifice and overcoming.
Welcome Alexandra! Ben vinda!