What have we done today to help others? We find ourselves in turbulent times where we see how society seems to break down at times.

We see what is happening around us and we are saddened to see people suffer, it happens to all of us, or at least that is what I hope. We are a small organization, but with a voice; we shed a little light, but it shines.

Today more than ever we believe in our principles of respect and equality, making the youngest people see that they are the ones who will make the decisions in the future. What they learn today, how they relate to each other, the critical capacity they develop and the level of empathy they acquire will be some of the foundations on which they form their person. Learning has to be a pleasant, motivating and sometimes hard process, but we have to know how to enjoy it and understand it as a challenge, an adventure that will make us evolve and grow.

There are areas that can help us to develop in an integral way, making us feel free in some moments and sharing experiences with others. I mean when we take out our inner self and free ourselves, we decompress from the problems, tensions or stress that we may have. Yes, I mean SPORT. I am referring to the opportunities that sport offers us to free ourselves and to learn, to build relationships, to communicate better, to respect, to laugh and cry, to understand that the important thing is the process. Those of you who practice sport will know what I mean, those of you who practice team sports will have experienced these sensations and those of you who have children will imagine that you would like them to grow up in a healthy, participative and social environment such as a sports environment. Also stimulating, challenging and demanding; like LIFE. Let’s learn to transmit the right values to the youngest ones so that they can face their future in the best possible way. Don’t turn off your younger spirit, never stop playing.