The gesture of donating a portion of one’s salary to an NGO goes far beyond helping the organization financially to carry out its purpose. Without a doubt, this contribution is vital to continue helping and improving the world in which we live, which is the main objective and that should be the motivation that moves us to undertake this path of solidarity.

The intrinsic motivation will probably be the one that makes us take that decision to help and to put our grain of sand to improve something in which we believe. This type of motivation emerges from within us and has an enormous power, which can even help us to know ourselves better as people or as an organization.

What better than that inner voice that tells us what causes are important to us, what things deserve our attention, and what we can do to make the world a better place.

The word commitment usually scares us and puts us on alert at certain times, but if we manage to know ourselves and discover our interests, we should have nothing to fear. We should not define ourselves by our words but by our actions, so I understand that actively positioning ourselves in a cause sends a very clear message about our identity.

From our organization, we will continue waking up society and especially our sportsmen and women to show them the important role they play in social change and in promoting healthy habits. By this I do not refer exclusively to health, but to a whole set of factors that will largely determine the world we will leave to our children. Respect, perseverance, responsibility, solidarity and empathy are some of the key elements that we, the athletes in particular, must instill in the new generations in order to continue changing the world.

Let’s keep going!