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How an individual gesture can become a common movement

The gesture of donating a portion of one’s salary to an NGO goes far beyond helping the organization financially to carry out its purpose. Without a doubt, this contribution is vital to continue helping and improving the world in which we live, which is the main objective and that should be the motivation that moves […]

Obesity and overweigh, it´s up to us

Obesity and overweigh, it´s up to us Lately I like questions more and more, so I will start asking something: is it obesity a kind of malnutrition? Yes, it is. Every third part of our population is affected by malnutrition. That´s a problem that United Nations (UN) want to solve in their 2030 Sustainable Development […]

Share & Play 1st anniversary!

It´s has been a year since Share & Play started! Why did I start in this journey? Easy question, easy answer: I was not just playing handball in my 19 seasons as professional, I was also learning. The experience was not only taken on the court but beyond the game. In every different situation I […]