Commited Ones

The day we had yesterday was historic. To see how athletes show their most social side, donating part of their salary to a charitable cause is fantastic, but if they are also athletes in your same sport discipline, handball, it is more than wonderful.

At Share & Play we have been working with children for over 2 years, helping them in their social, physical and emotional development. The results so far have been very satisfactory and we can see how the children have improved in each of the areas we measure.

After a long time evaluating how to join the movement initiated by Common Goal and start our way in the world of handball, the time has come. Thanks to the support of TVB Stuttgart, where all club members including players and workers donate 1% of their salary to our program. We will keep you informed about how the program is going.

The point is that they are the first, the pioneers to join this movement in handball and we want them to be the ones who encourage other players and clubs to join this movement.

From Share & Play we want to follow the path set by Common Goal in the world of football and that is why we started the movement in the world of handball calling it: THE COMMITTED ONES.

Because our members are committed and donate their ¨one¨, because with all the ones we can help many children.

Today we start our journey, if you want to help us in our mission, please contact us through our websites.